P3 Athletica Terms & Conditions

No Obligation First Meeting
The first meeting (in-person, Skype, phone call) is free and there is no obligation for either the client or the consultant/coach to proceed with any services from there.

Once we have agreed to engage with each other, payment for the agreed services is required within 7 days of invoice receipt. Payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card.

Coaching Packages
Coaching packages are only available to clients who have been through the initial consultation process (foundation nutrition programme). Coaching package subscriptions are available in 3-month (13-week) blocks, invoiced monthly in advance.  You are free to cancel at the end of each 3-month block.  Cancelling your subscription cancels your access to the members-only section and any information you have stored there. 

No P3 Athletica services or coaching package is transferable to another individual.

Buyer Beware
Clients who express an interest in the P3 Athletica consulting or coaching packages and who receive input and materials based on that interest, will be charged at the hourly consultation rate, plus any material costs, if a consulting or coaching package is not subsequently purchased after the expression of interest. 

Additional Services
Clients can request services beyond the scope of the available coaching packages (e.g. race support) at an additional fee for the time incurred (POA).