P3 Athletica Consulting & Coaching Services

Important notice

Due to very high demand for coaching services, the P3 Athletica coaching roster is full for the remainder of the winter season.

If you are interested in coaching services, please check back in September to see if coaching spaces have opened up. 

P3 Athletica doesn't coach sports.  It coaches humans.  P3 Athletica programmes are always athlete-specific before they are sport-specific.  The core focus is on building healthy, happy, strong human beings, with the capacity and capability to chase their athletic goals, no matter the sport or event, without breaking down in the process. 

P3 Athletica services are available to everyone, from those who are just starting out on their athletic journey, to experienced athletes looking for a fresh perspective.  Because the P3 Athletica coaching philosophy is founded on building healthy humans before anything else, you don't need any athletic ambitions whatsoever to participate in a P3 Athletica programme.  No matter where you fall on the spectrum of wanting to be the healthiest, strongest, fittest, or fastest version of yourself, a plan can be tailored to suit your needs.  

Health & Performance Nutrition

Nutrition for Improved Energy & Health
Sport & Performance Nutrition
Race/Event Nutrition Planning
Nutrition for Injury Rehabilitation
Digestive & Gastrointestinal Issues
Nutrition for Autoimmune Conditions
Menstrual Cycle-Guided Nutrition
Weight Management Nutrition
Supplementation Guidance
Custom Nutrition Plans
Workshops for groups and teams

Integrated Performance Conditioning

Movement Quality Training
Strength & Power Development
Injury Reduction & Rehabilitation
Metabolic Conditioning
Recovery & Regeneration Strategies

Work one on one with P3 Athletica to optimise your strength and fitness, balancing your training and recovery with your other life commitments.

Seasonally-Aligned Programming

Are you trying to fuel 'summer training' with a 'winter diet'? Or attempting to recover on 'summer sleep' while battling low motivation and deteriorating health in the depths of an actual winter? 

The above seasonal mismatch scenarios are common ones for many athletes. 
P3 Athletica plans help you attain your goals faster by aligning your nutrition and training with your biology as it naturally changes across the seasons.

Nutrition Consulting Services

P3 Athletica is a deliberately nutrition-centric athletic development and coaching service, built on the philosophy that you cannot build long-term health and performance on a poorly planned and executed diet.  Good performances start with good health. Good health begins with real food and deep nourishment.  This food-first approach aims to reinstate nutrition as a key foundation from which health and performance is built, with energy, nourishment, satiety, as well as the enjoyment of good food eaten in good company, forming the cornerstones of that foundation.  The P3 Athletica Foundation Nutrition programme is designed to help individuals reset their base diet with a high level of support during the most critical time that new practices and habits are being established.  

From the first meeting (in-person or video call), New Zealand Registered Nutritionist, Jamie Scott, will work through your health and performance needs, identifying any specific food and nutrition issues (food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, energy imbalances, etc.).   Jamie will develop a personalised plan to suit your needs, then work alongside you over the following month, supporting you through the initial changes, troubleshooting any issues, and adapting the plan as required.  At the end of this process you will have established a new foundation diet from which to continue building your future performance goals.  

Upon completion of the initial programme, ongoing support is available via either the P3 Athletica Nutrition & Athletic Development Programme or via individual follow-up consultations.

P3 Athletica
Foundation Nutrition Programme

4-week foundation nutrition programme with unlimited support.

$199 + GST

Hourly Consultation Rates

For those wanting nutrition & training advice without wanting to go through an extended support or coaching programme.

$75 + GST per hour

Nutrition & Athletic Development Programme

Bespoke nutrition and athletic development coaching is available as a follow-on service for those individuals who have completed any P3 Athletica nutrition consultation programmes. Choose from nutrition-only support designed to sit alongside your current sport-specific coaching and training schedules and helping guide you in the ongoing development of your training and race/event nutrition; nutrition plus integrated performance conditioning for those who have a sport-specific programme but need help in combining all of the elements required to make a strong and resilient athlete, or the 'full-factory support' of a comprehensive athlete development programme incorporating health and performance nutrition, integrated performance conditioning, and long-term development tailored to the athlete and their sport.

Nutrition-Only Support

Level up from your foundation diet and now focus on your specific long-term health and performance goals. 
Work with your existing coach/trainer, or develop your own training plan, but have access to nutritionist support and the full P3 Athletica athlete resource area.

$15+GST per week

Paid monthly in advance
Minimum Term: 3 months
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Nutrition + Integrated Performance Conditioning

This coaching package builds on the nutrition-only support programme and adds in the key elements required for building a stronger, more resilient athlete, including athlete-specific programmes for movement quality training, strength & power development,
injury management/reduction,
and training/event recovery strategies. 
Integrated performance conditioning plans are developed specific to the needs of individual athletes and the demands of their chosen activity.

$30+GST per week

Paid monthly in advance
Minimum Term: 3 months
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Full Athlete
Development Programme

This programme is the complete athlete-coach partnership, offering the highest level of coaching contact and support, taking a longer term approach, and focusing on the development of the athlete beyond just their next race. 
It combines high performance nutrition & WADA-approved supplementation strategies, full seasonal integrated performance conditioning plans, strategic race/event planning, travel and time zone adjustment planning, environmental acclimatisation, and liaison with other key personnel within the athlete's wider support team.

Physiological testing, equipment set-up, and onsite race support (including meal & race nutrition preparation), are all available at an additional cost.

$45+GST per week

Paid monthly in advance
Minimum Term: 3 months
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All P3 Athletica-coached athletes get access to the members-only online and mobile platform which includes resources such as articles, research reviews, nutrition and training tips, recipes, videos, and Strava/Garmin-synced training diaries allowing you to plan and analyse your own training, communicate with your coach, and to prepare for your next big event.  Female athletes participating in P3 Athletica coaching programmes will also receive an access code for the FitrWoman/FitrCoach app integration, allowing accurate athlete and coach tracking of their menstrual cycle phase and the development of a nutrition and training plan to optimise their training and racing accordingly.

In order to provide a responsive, high-quality service, P3 Athletica coaching services are available to only a limited number of athletes at any one time (dependent on the needs of the current athlete pool and the coaching inputs required to meet these needs).  If you are interested in coaching services, please, in the first instance, enquire about programme availability via the contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a coach for my sport.
Can I still work with you?

Yes. Many people have coaches for their sport/event specific programme (e.g. a running programme for an ultra event), but they do not receive any nutrition or strength & conditioning advice.
The P3 Athletica nutrition and integrated performance conditioning programmes are designed to sit alongside existing sport specific programmes athletes may be following.

Are you a specialist coach in any particular sport?

Not really.  I am a specialist (registered) nutritionist, and have a strong background in sport science, but I am not a technical skills coach in any particular sport except mountain biking. 
I consider myself a 'specialist generalist', meaning I specialise more in the development of general athleticism, which can then be transferred into the technical mastery of a particular sport, potentially under a specialist technical coach in that sport.

Do you sell supplements?

I will recommend supplementation from time to time where it is appropriate and indicated.  I do not, however, sell supplements directly myself.  Where supplementation is recommended, I work with the client to source the best quality supplement at the most affordable price, but they purchase this directly from the retailer themselves.

Do I have to do any nutrition testing?

No.  I do not offer or sell any direct to consumer testing (e.g. nutrient deficiency testing, hormone testing, etc.).  Apart from being expensive, some of these tests can be unreliable.  There is also a conflict of interest whereby I, as the practitioner recommending the test, also profit from the promotion and sale of such tests.  If any testing is required, I will work with my clients to find the best and most reliable testing available, typically through their primary health care provider.

Are there any fixed term contracts?

The foundation nutrition consultation runs for 4 weeks (paid upfront), and all coaching plans require an initial 1-3 month commitment (paid monthly in advance).  You are free to cancel after these initial commitments.  Please note, however, that cancelling your coaching plan also ends your access to the members-only area and resources contained within.

How do I signup?

Fill in the form via the contact page and I'll be in touch (generally within 24-48 hours).

Terms of Service

No Obligation First Meeting
The first meeting (in-person, Zoom, phone call) is free and there is no obligation for either the client or the consultant/coach to proceed with any services from there.

Coaching Packages
Coaching packages are only available to clients who have been through the initial consultation process (Foundation Nutrition Programme). Weekly coaching package subscriptions are available in 13-week (3-month) terms, invoiced monthly in advance.  You are free to cancel at the end of each 13-week term.  Cancelling your subscription cancels your access to any of the platforms used to deliver P3 Athletica services and any information you have stored there. 

Buyer Beware
Clients who indicate they will purchase any P3 Athletica consulting or coaching package, and who receive any advance input and materials based on that interest, will be charged at the hourly consultation rate, plus any material costs, if a consulting or coaching package is not subsequently purchased. 

Once we have agreed to engage with each other, and an invoice issued, payment for the agreed services is required within 7 days of invoice receipt. Payments can be made via bank transfer or credit card.

No P3 Athletica service or coaching package is transferable to another individual.

Additional Services
Clients can request services beyond the scope of the available coaching packages (e.g. race support or testing) at an additional fee for the time incurred (POA).