Work With Your Physiology.  Not Against It.

Anyone can train hard.  Simply emptying your tanks on each and every session is a relatively easy training strategy.  The more difficult thing to do is to ensure your training sessions have a purpose and are productive.  Harder still is training consistently with your body's inherent rhythms and energy cycles rather than against them, as so many of us often and inadvertently do.  P3 Athletica programmes are designed to respect and work with these rhythms (seasonal, infradian, circadian, ultradian), including female-specific nutrition and training plans guided by menstrual cycle phases. 

Sport specific or athlete specific? The comprehensive P3 Athletica programme is unashamedly an athlete-first focused programme in a sea of short-term event specific plans.  
Working from the individual out, and starting with a 'food-first' approach to nutrition, we develop a seasonal integrated performance conditioning plan (including mobility, strength, and metabolic training) tailored to your specific development needs, and designed to improve your health and energy levels, to build structural integrity and reduce injuries, and have you performing at your best, no matter what your sport or goal event is.  

Health & Performance Nutrition
Before you can be a high-performing athlete, you first need to be a healthy human being.  This starts with food.  No single aspect has greater impact on our day-to-day energy, wellbeing, and performance than the food we choose to build and fuel our bodies with every day. 
A diet of high-quality whole-foods is the foundation on which all P3 Athletica training programmes are built.

  • Eat Better
  • Gain Energy
  • Train Smarter
  • Build Muscle 
  • Burn Fat

In that order!

Integrated Performance Conditioning
P3 Athletica integrated performance conditioning plans cover the six key elements of athletic development - elements often overlooked by individuals focused on the specifics of their next event:

  • Movement Quality Training
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Strength & Power Training
  • Injury Reduction & Rehabilitation
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Recovery & Regeneration Strategies

Plans covering all six elements are personalised to fit the schedules of even the busiest of individuals. 

Seasonal Development Plans
We are oscillatory beings living in an oscillatory world.  Or put another way, over the days, weeks, months, and years, neither your physiology, nor the world around you, stays the same.  So why follow the same nutrition and training routines, day in, day out, right across the year?  
All P3 Athletica development plans are built around your natural rhythms and the cycles they oscillate through, including;

  • 90-minute ultradian cycles
  • 24-hour circadian rhythms
  • 28-day infradian cycles
    (menstrual cycle-guided training)
  • 13-week seasonal cycles 

Jamie Scott

Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutrition Medicine
Post-Graduate Diploma in Sport & Exercise Medicine
Bachelor of Physical Education (Sport & Exercise Science)
Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition)

New Zealand Registered Nutritionist (NZNS)
Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBIA)

As athletes we are remarkably good at over-stressing our bodies.  But by adding in and monitoring the correct amount of protein and fuel relative to the stresses I was applying to my body, I've watched the adaptation process to my training speed up.  Better sleep, better moods, and better balance, equals better performances and less time out from training due to illness and injury.  Fifteen months on from first working with Jamie on my nutrition, I now get to choose when and how I give my body a break and not have my body breakdown on me so easily.
Oska Inkster-Baynes, NZ Marathon Champion

As an athlete I ask a lot of my body and it wasn’t until I spoke to Jamie that I realised I was training completely under fuelled. Through Jamie’s knowledge of nutrition and his explanation about how female body’s actually work we formed a plan so I could get the most out of my body. Jamie is an excellent communicator making complex topics easy to grasp.  When you really understand what you’re doing and why, it makes it so much easier to get fully on board. Now that I’m eating enough of the right things and understand what my body really needs and when it needs it, I have more energy to get quality training sessions done every time.
Katy Winton, Professional Mountain Biker

Oska Inkster-Baynes, New Zealand 2019 National Marathon Champion

Katy Winton, Scottish Professional Enduro Mountain Bike Racer

Jamie has a deep understanding of human physiology and a talent for converting that knowledge into simple, practical strategies for nutrition and training. For example, he knows the importance of protein and satiety for women and builds his programs around that. He also provides helpful insights into training and eating for the different phases of the menstrual cycle. I have witnessed first hand Jamie’s ability to assess the movement pattern of an individual and offer solutions. I have also spoken to more than one person who says that if there is a problem with strength or movement, one should “ask Jamie about that."
Dr Lara Briden, Women’s Health Expert and author of the book 'Period Repair Manual'

Jamie's broad knowledge and willingness to research has resulted in plenty of advice spanning the many processes which together make a great athlete. A lack of motivation to train in the mornings, and deep fatigue coupled with cravings for fast and easy food at the end of a training week, were the norm for me before Jamie's nutritional guidance. Feeling consistent energy throughout the day and across the week means I can now complete my scheduled training every time without the stress of it overwhelming me. Jamie also helped to fast track my recovery from a season-ending broken elbow to be back racing my mountain bike with my team well ahead of schedule.
Joe Nation, Professional Mountain Biker

Dr Lara Briden, ND.  Author of the 'Period Repair Manual.'

Joe Nation, New Zealand Professional Enduro Mountain Bike Racer